Pulverizing Air Drying technology

The Pulverizing Air Drying technology (PAD) is a revolutionary non-thermal drying system for wet semi-solid biomasses, saving a substantial amount of energy compared to conventional thermal drying methods. The technology combines low investment with minimal operational costs. The flexibility and versatility of the process enable instant feedstock switching without technical adjustment to the installation. Short startup and shutdown times enable flexible operation. Intrinsic particle size reduction without additional energy consumption for grinding is another advantage. Our units are equipped with highest grade components from renowned European suppliers.


PAD turns your biomass projects into economically highly viable and profitable investments!


BioValor Europe BV is a technical company offering you tailor-made and turnkey solutions for non-thermal drying systems. Our drying system is based on the innovative patented Pulverizing Air Drying (PAD) technology. BioValor Europe BV is the exclusive licensee for the European market ...
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PAD awarded

BioValor’s Pulverizing Air Drying technology has been awarded with the title of “Energy Saving Technology” by the Dutch Government.
As a result it has been added to the list of selected technologies that qualify for the Dutch Energy Investment deduction subsidy (EIA)...

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